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Mike Outram


Born in Manchester, now based in London where he is involved with the following projects; Stan Sulzmann, Martin Speake, Nikki Iles, Dave O'Higgins, John Ellis Big Bang, Rare Birds, Pocket Central, Rebecca Hollweg, Tony Woods, Dr.Seus, Ana, S.A.O.L.E., Rob Statham Group, The Inner Noise, Hig/Mayne Quartet, Nick Holmes.

Has recorded with Herbie Mann, Dave O'Higgins, Rebecca Hollweg, John Ellis Big Bang, Rare Birds, Ana, The Whole Thing, Rob Statham.

Concerts in South Africa with Herbie Mann, Sri Lanka with Dave O'Higgins also toured with John Ellis Big Bang, Tony Woods, Martin Speake, Rare Birds, Rebecca Hollweg, Ana. Has appeared all over U.K at various jazz clubs and festivals, Ronnie Scott's London etc

Education Notes: Guitar tutor at Trinity College, Thames Valley University and University of Surrey Roehampton, also taught at Access to Music, Manchester, Nelson and Colne College, Woolston A.E.C., Tameside College, Manchester, Arden Centre, Manchester. Also Manchester Jazz Summer School and 'Jazz Dev' Lincoln music project

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