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Cactus Jam (track from digital directions) - Julian ArgŁelles

Composed /
Arranged by : Julian Argüelles (MCPS/PRS)
Recorded /
Mixed at : Temple Studio 02/09/03 by Miles Ashton
Photo by : Antony Durrant
Produced by : Julian Argüelles

The ingredients for Cactus Jam are as follows:
1. In the Canary Islands they make Cactus Jam; I wanted to write something which had a sweet side but also something rough and prickly.
2. I had just bought a bass clarinet and was excited about playing it.
3. I often get bored with my saxophone sound (it sometimes feels too... jazzy), I've experimented many times over the years with electronic manipulation, and this is a continuation of that development.
4. I love working with Gene and Thad and I had never recorded with them. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to do so.

Julian Argüelles appears courtesy of Provocateur Records


Julian Argüelles - tenor saxophone,clarinet,bass clarinet,recorders
Thad Kelly - electric bass, electronics
Gene Calderazzo - drums

Album cover - CactusJam(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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