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Convocation (track from digital directions) - Byron Wallen

Composed by : Byron Wallen
Recorded at : Abbey Wood Studios,
Mixed by : Marcellus Fernandes at the Arc.
Photo by : Karen Fuchs
Produced by : Byron Wallen

This track is an extension of the music I wrote for my album 'Earth Roots' in 1997. The album deals with the plight of Indigenous people around the world and how they have been marginalised and murdered by the 'developed cultures' of the world. In this tim e of political and cultural turmoil I am Calling for a meeting of ALL PEOPLE to stop the confusion and for once to stop listening to the people we are taught to think are powerful. There is no such thing as military power, only military terrorism. There is no such thing as economic power only economic exploitation. True power is that of the Sun, the Rain and the Wind. We are an extension of this power when we are together with the Spirit of the Earth. We are Energy and it is the way we use ourselves that en ables our enemies to misuse us. Man may be stupid enough to destroy his ability to live on the earth but he will never destroy the Earth, even if it takes billions of years for it to purify.


Byron Wallen - trumpet,keyboards,samples,beat programming
Richard Ajileye - percussion

Album cover - Convocation(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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