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The Devil Sings (Again and Again, in the Jungle) (track from digital directions) - Gilad Atzmon

Composed by : Gilad Atzmon
Recorded on : 26,27/02/01
Photo by : David Foreman
Produced by : Gilad Atzmon

Following the release of "Nostalgico" Gilad began some remixing experiments, but the project was never completed. The commission from Brighton Jazz Club for the Jazz Outreach Project, allowed him to re-examine the material and complete this track.


Gilad Atzmon - soprano saxophone
Frank Harrison - keyboards
Oli Hayhurst - double bass
Asaf Sirkis - drums
Brian Neil - guitar
Joe De Jesus - trumpet
Kobi Israelite - remixing

Album cover - TheDevilSings(AgainandAgain,intheJungle)(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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