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Sulley (for Jack) (track from digital directions) - Gary Husband

Composed by : Gary Husband (MCPS)
Recorded /
mixed /
mastered by : Peter Dale-Goslin at Nucool Studio, London on 01/09/03
Photo by : Troo Heath-Crew
Produced by : Gary Husband

Sulley lives in the movie Monsters Inc. His spirit is captured from time to time during the song, in the form of a rooooaaar here and there. At least I think so. It's not a sample of him and for contractual reasons I am not at liberty to confirm any facts, but someone/(thing) came by the studio and played those little drum role overdubs. I'd heard sounds from the drum booth, punched in to recordů but upon investigation of the scene all I was able to determine was a bit of a strange smell and a puff of blue smoke. There was another small clue though - in the form of a little blue invoice!


Gary Husband - Korg Trinity V3 pro workstation,drums,samples..

Album cover - Sulley(forJack)(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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