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Triptych (track from digital directions) - Ed Jones

Composed by : Ed Jones
Recorded at : Jamestown Studio and Temple Studio September 2003 on Logic/Pro Tools
Engineered by : Jc Concato / Miles Ashton
Mixed by : Ed Jones / Jc Concato
Photo by : Sissle Honore
Produced by : Ed Jones

Triptych is inspired by the works and working methods of the great English painter Francis Bacon. In his writings Bacon sees himself "not so much as a painter, but as a medium for accident and chance". I was also drawn to the idea of the form of a Triptyc h; three distinct panels which can be linked in a multitude of ways; through narrative links, colour, mood and compositional similarities and contrasts. I was also influenced by Bacons concept of the 'Accident', in which spontaneous events occur directly changing and shaping the outcome of the composition. Bacon talked much about this "scrambling together a variety of sources tangible and intangible", and what then emerges is "formed by chance, the gradual emergence of order out of chaos". I prepared very little prior to the recording. The piano chords (which I improvised and later cut up), the field recordings I made in japan of Pachinko halls (game arcades which can be heard in the 3rd part), the drum loops and the samples of Bacons voice (which I had dec ided to use as a narrative thread to link the 3 panels), are all fixed or predetermined elements. The rest is spontaneous composition informed by those elements, but also very much using the technology of the studio as a compositional tool in itself.


Ed Jones - soprano saxophones,bass clarinets,piano,drum loops,

Album cover - Triptych(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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