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Calling Miss Baugh (track from digital directions) - Tony Kofi

Composed by : Tony Kofi
Recorded /
Mixed : at Temple Studio 15/10/03 by Miles Ashton
Photo by : Antony Durrant
Produced by : Tony Kofi

Dedicated to a Jean Baugh, a remarkable "Master of the Art of life." Tony was touring Scotland with The Grand Union Orchestra, when he found himself in the Orkneys a long way from home. Fortunately fate was to billet him for a week with this retired lady, whose love of Jazz and life inspired him. Waking early, she would prepare a "proper full breakfast", to start Tony's day. He would wake to hear the house full of glorious jazz . With the energy and fitness of a woman a fraction of her age, she showed him t he beautiful walks and sights of her island. She does not need a TV, video or computer to occupy her life. "She showed me that all the modern daily gadgets we think we need in life, only serve as comfort blankets, for this confused society."Evenings were filled late into the night with conversations about Miles, (with whom she shares a birthday), Coltrane , Eric Dolphy or life, accompanied by her wide record collection or from the radio. It was with much regret that he returned to London from where he star ted what has become almost a monthly ritual of "Calling Miss Baugh". They talk on the phone about their news, life and music. This is music that might inspire her to dance with joy.

Tony Kofi appears courtesy of Proper Records


Tony Kofi - baritone saxophone
Anders Olinder - hammond organ

Album cover - CallingMissBaugh(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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