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Cyclorama (track from digital directions) - Spin Marvel

Recorded at : Rogue Studios, London on 16/07/03.
Recorded by : Dave Fowler and J.P. Harper.
Mixed by : Dave Fowler
Final Remix at : Stereo Studios, Oslo by Terje Evensen.
Art / Photo by : Mike Bode and Victoria Brown
Produced by : Spin Marvel

Almost all the sounds you hear in the piece started out as acoustic instruments played by either Tim, John or myself and the movement and transformation of the music follows a cycle from beginning to end. The project was exciting opportunity for Spin Marve l to continue the concept of combining modern digital technology with conventional instruments.

Martin France plays Zildjian Cymbals exclusively.


Martin France - drums, electronic drums, programming, sequencing
Tim Harries - bass
John Parricelli - guitar
Terje Evensen - additional programming and sequencing

Album cover - Cyclorama(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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