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Thing (track from digital directions) - Partisans

Composed by : Julian Siegel (MCPS/PRS) Autumn 2003
Recorded at : live at the Cowshed Studio 29/10/03
Engineer : Joe Leach
Mixed : 31/10/03 by Julian Siegel, Thaddeus Kelly and Joe Leach at Cowshed Studio.
Photo by : Gee Vaucher
Produced by : Julian Siegel

For a while I have experimented with live electronics and sampling, but had never recorded anything using the technology, so thanks to Brighton Jazz Club and Symbol Records for this opportunity, and a big thanks to Partisans for making it happen. Apologies and thanks to my neighbour, who worriedly came round, knocking at the door during the recording of samples for this piece. He thought I was being burgled.


Julian Siegel - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Phil Robson - guitar
Thad Kelly - electric bass
Gene Calderazzo - drums

Album cover - Thing(trackfromdigitaldirections)
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